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Level Up Business English

Bust the myth of Business English and Level Up your Confidence and Career.

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  • 997 US dollars

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Monthly: $997 THIS PROGRAM INCLUDES: Weekly Private 1:1 Coaching Sessions Weekly Practice Exercises / Worksheets Done For You Practice Routine (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Planner) Template Creation Speech/ Accent Training Career Goal setting And More! This intensive training program is designed for Professional and Creative English language learners, who are tired of feeling as if something is missing from their communication. Step away from the Textbook and start communicating Authentically today. This 6 month program is far beyond the traditional English language course. Every session is designed to dig into the core of the individual and remove the communication blocks. Discover your true communication style in order to speak as your authentic self with confidence. You've studied the language, you know the rules and how to google basic questions, but what is next? I will show you how to take all of the information you've learned and begin to sound like yourself. Find your true voice, understand your communication style, and get clarity and focus on the obstacles holding you back and so much more. You will learn to have total control of all Small Talk conversations and understand cultural differences that may be holding you back from expressing yourself completely. "After 3 months of classes with Gracia, I became not just self-confident in English, but self-confident in general, because these are not just English classes, these are Coaching sessions. No matter what mood or attitude I brought to the class, at the end I feel better, I feel self-confident and I feel that I can do anything…Gracia has her own approach and her own system of teaching English. You do not only learn the rules or vocabulary, you learn the general approach of English communication and your particular style of English communication." - Kristina Korepina, Talent Acquisition Partner

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If you need to reschedule a session, you may do so up to 48 hours in advance of the scheduled session time.  No-shows are billed at the usual rate.  We understand that plans change, and we’re grateful for as much notice as you can give, so we can reschedule. Buying a Session means you agree to this policy. Bulk sessions are non-refundable. Sessions are to be taken within 8 weeks of the first scheduled session time.  ​ If you can't find the time or date you need then please email us at  Your Coach will do their best to work around your schedule.

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