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Accent Audit (non session)

Send in your self Tape or deliver your next speech with Confidence.

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  • 125 US dollars

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Ever wish someone could listen to your accent and tell you what you need to improve or what you’re getting right? Well, I am that person for you. No need to guess anymore. How it works: Step 1 - After you purchase your Accent Audit, you will send me a video clip of you performing your American accent. This can be in the form of a Self Tape or just something you are practicing. Any format is acceptable (i.e. any video sharing service) Step 2 - Once I receive the video I will audit your performance based on my 3 Pillars of Authenticity and the 5 Core sounds of American accents. I will record a video response with step by step explanation and examples on how to adjust any sounds/mistakes Step 3 - Within 48 hours you will receive a video audit demonstrating corrections, practice exercises and detailed recommendations to character changes. Also included, a printable pdf with detailed notes.

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If you need to reschedule a session, you may do so up to 48 hours in advance of the scheduled session time.  No-shows are billed at the usual rate.  We understand that plans change, and we’re grateful for as much notice as you can give, so we can reschedule. Buying a Session means you agree to this policy. Bulk sessions are non-refundable. Sessions are to be taken within 8 weeks of the first scheduled session time.  ​ If you can't find the time or date you need then please email us at  Your Coach will do their best to work around your schedule.

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