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  June Workshops  


Key Sound: Words Ending in S-Z Shift With Coach Isabella

Thursday, June 8th, 11 am PST

In this continuation of the consonants series, Isabella will be diving into the S-Z shift! A concept that can be challenging for clients at all levels but that is quite simple to understand and dominate with practice. During this encouraging workshop, you will get to work one on one (masterclass style) with her as she helps you understand and achieve the S-Z shift!


Top Tips: Muscle Memory Pt. 2 With Coach Gracia

Thursday, June 15th, 11 am PST

Maintaining consistency in any accent can sometimes require an extra step. Building muscle memory in order to get in and out of your General American accent will be a game changer. In part 2 of the Muscle Memory workshop, participants will learn to identify difficult sounds in any text and practice and create tongue twisters in order to build and maintain a consistent General American Accent. 


Acting in General American Accents With Coach Alex

Thursday, June 22nd, 9 am PST

A General American Accent in Acting Class, all participants will be sent a scene beforehand and will need to learn it and prepare it in an American Accent, and they will get to work 1 on 1 with Alex on their individual Melody, Rhythm and Sound challenges in this fun and encouraging class!

Amy Sweet web_edited.jpg

British RP Master Class With Coach Amy

Thursday, June 27th, 11 am PST

Designed as a Master Class to supercharge your work with the British RP Course, work LIVE with Coach Amy on the most challenging areas to master your Received Pronunciation (Standard) British Accent. Participants will get to work 1 on 1 with Amy on their key challenges, and learn by watching others, in this supportive, fun and exciting class! 

**Amy Walker has been interviewed on the BBC News Hour, The Guardian, and is Variety's Accents Expert on accents in British (and American) films.**

**Check back each month to see our new workshop offerings!**

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