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Corporate Solutions

Tailored to your needs


In every industry, clear communication is essential. We will tailor a package to suit your needs, whether you're a family operation or multi-national corporation.  


Choose from one-on-one coaching, group sessions (online or in person), and our online video course to maximize home study. 


  • 21 Accents' uniquely effective audio, visual and kinesthetic techniques

  • Phone skills and etiquette

  • Presentation and customer interfacing optimization skills

Our techniques are always tailored to suit each individual student's needs and learning style. We create a positive, fun and clear learning environment, and use methods that are unique to 21 Accents, employing audio, visual, and kinesthetic techniques that are fast, fun and effective for people all over the world.

All Options can include our online video course for all participants. We also offer package deals on one-on-one training, online or in person if any of your staff are interested.

Send an email to and please include how many people you need to be trained, how they might be split up into teams (beginner, advanced, etc.) and any specific needs.  We prefer to limit teams to a maximum of five at a time to ensure each member receives the attention they require.

We look forward to helping your employees reach their accent goals!

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